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    ­čîá CosmicBeanies: Galactic Warmth for Your Third Eye and Beyond ­čîî­čĺź
    Step into an astral aura of comfort and style that transcends the ordinary! Our CosmicBeanies aren't just another hat; they're an interstellar voyage for your cranium. Imagine surrounding your crown chakra with cosmic clouds while waltzing through the Milky Way. Ah, the essence of celestial serenity and terrestrial warmth in one heavenly piece!
    ­čîł Stellar Features:
    1. Astral Armor:

      • ­čîî Created from a divine blend of 92% other-worldly spun polyester and 8% spandex knit fabric sourced from the cosmic looms of Canadian celestial weavers.
    2. Bamboo Bliss:

      • ­čÄő Enveloped in an inner lining made of 95% ethereal bamboo rayon and 5% spandex. This isn't just a beanie; it's an experience akin to a warm cosmic hug.
    3. Time-Resistant Textiles:

      • ­čîá Crafted to be highly pill-resistant, these beanies withstand the rigors of time travel and frequent trips to alternate realities.
    4. Chakra-Resonating Colors:

      • ­čÄĘ Available in two soul-stirring lining colors, cosmic black or intergalactic gray. Pick one to match the resonance of your being!
    5. Eternal Impressions:

      • ­čî× Infused with vibrant prints that boast eternal life, they'll never fadeÔÇöeven if you wash them in the waters of the Fountain of Youth or the tears of a phoenix.
    ­čîÇ Hand-Sewn Star Stuff:
    • ­čîč Every CosmicBeanie is a celestial masterpiece, printed, and sewn by cosmic artisans in the mystic realms of Montreal, Canada.

    • ­čîł Machine washable in cold water with a phosphate-free potion, and it prefers to dry flat, like a satellite basking in the glow of a distant sun.

    ­čŤŞ Transcendental Crafting and Delivery:
    Please allow your senses to float in ethereal delight for 7-9 days as we sew the fabric of the cosmos into your personal beanie. Your headgear will then be star-beamed straight to your terrestrial coordinates in approximately 2-4 Earth weeks.
    CosmicBeanies: Warm your skull, awaken your spirit, and transcend reality. ­čîî­čĹü´ŞĆ
    165 products
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