Cosmic Carpet Rugs. Plush Psychedelic Rugs for your home!


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    ­čîá CosmicCarpets: Dance on a Starfield of Colors & Geometry ­čîł

    ­čĺź Step into a hypnotic universe right in your living room with our CosmicCarpets! These aren't just rugs; they're psychedelic landscapes spun from the threads of your wildest daydreams. Crafted with the kind of love only a stardust-weaver could offer, each CosmicCarpet is a fusion of divine comfort and otherworldly aesthetics.

    ­čîî Fabric of the Cosmos:

    • Embrace the plush velour that feels like the soft kiss of a nebula under your feet. This luxurious plush is your spaceship to celestial realms.
    • Our heat dye sublimation process ensures the kaleidoscopic colors and intricate patterns are not just vibrant but eternalÔÇölike stars in a far-off galaxy.

    ­čîá Cosmic Functionality:

    • With a low-profile pile height of .4 inches, these astral tapestries are a perfect complement to any sanctuaryÔÇöfitting snugly under your furniture and elevating your space into a cosmic playground.
    • No sliding on this ride through the cosmos! The underside boasts a high-quality epoxy finish for non-slip grip and otherworldly durability.

    ­čÜÇ Celestial Cleanliness:

    • Life's spills don't stand a chance against our CosmicCarpets. Their stain-resistant aura keeps them perpetually vibrant, making cleaning as simple as a soft cloth and a touch of soapy water. Say farewell to bleach; we're already light years ahead.

    ­čîî Arrival & Care:

    • Your rug arrives vacuum-sealed, cocooned like a butterfly in a cosmic chrysalis. Upon opening, give it up to 24 hours to lay flatÔÇöthough a light vacuuming can help it get grounded faster in your space-time dimensions.

    ­čîá Cosmic Crafting & Interdimensional Shipping:

    • Your personalized CosmicCarpet takes 7-9 celestial cycles (aka days) to craft. After that, buckle up for a 2-4 week astral journey right to your doorstep.

    Prepare to jettison boredom as you redefine your living spaces with CosmicCarpetsÔÇöyour personal portals to realms of imagination and wonder! ­čîî­čĺź

    411 art├şculos
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