Acid Math is currently stocking product in retail stores around the globe. All of our products are available at wholesale prices for approved buyers. Wholesale prices and other information are provided upon request. Please email Wholesale@acidmath.me for more information.

Why Buy Acid Math For Your Store?

What Your Purchase Supports: Each Acid Math garment is constructed in the USA by members of our community. We come from all walks of life, but our dedication to exploration, openness, art, and producing quality wearable art by hand unite us. Each purchase keeps use hard at work doing what we love. Every artist collects a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their designs, keeping them hard at work doing what they love. Acid Math offers a product that is made with love and ethically and sustainably produced.

Fabric: We search far and wide for the perfect fabrics to use in our garments. All of our fabrics are ethically sourced, extremely soft and comfortable, and quite durable. 

Imaging: We use Italian-made sublimation dyes to permanently place the graphics onto the fabric. This process involves bonding individual dye molecules to the fiber molecules. This provides an incredibly high-detail, vibrant image.

Construction: Our garments are sewn with a high-end extruded polyester thread made in Germany that is soft to the touch and stretches with the garment. The inseams are perfectly soft against the skin. Waistband are soft, stretchy elastic knits for a comfortable fit. Every detail of the garment is done with comfort and durability in mind.