ACIDMATH is one online collective. Freedom of discovery, freedom of expression, freedom of experimentation, freedom of exploration, and freedom of creation. We are on the fringes of a larger narrative that is going on in our planet. We journey out to the realms of incoherency and we bring something back, we brought back Acidmath.

We have the passion and intention to make a positive change on our planet. Justin Doyle started Acidmath in  2014 on facebook as a way of connecting with others who might enjoy similar motifs and styles of art. Justin met some of our artists like Salvia Droid, Phazed, mil et une, hakan hisim back in 2014 and began promoting them heavily. The desire to just promote grew into the apparel industry.

Justin met David Whitehurst in 2017 through a mutual friend. Educated in business at the college level, David decided to learn the trade of fabric printing and sewing instead of putting his degree to use in corporate America. After a few creative phone conversations, the two acquaintances decided to form their combined interests into an art collective. Nestled into an old warehouse full of printing equipment and sewing machines, fans of art and exploration from all walks of life work together to turn art into apparel.

With a passion for quality apparel, the Acid Math production crew has tuned each aspect of our process to produce handmade garments made with love that will be as memorable to the wearer as the art itself. Our sewing machines are finely calibrated Japanese sewing machine purchased from a specialist in refurbishing machines. Our threads are the finest and softest extruded polyester threads available sourced from a thread maker in Germany. Our dyes are custom-made for us in Italy and calibrated to be perfect for the intense art we dye into our garments. Our fabrics are sourced from all over the world and each one is selected to be soft, comfortable, beautifully imaged, and durable to bring the wearer enjoyment for years to come. Like our community, our process is sourced from all over the world to bring out the best of us.

We hope you will enjoy our community, our art, and our clothing as much as we do.