David, aka Telekinetica on social media, is a 'light' artist. The images he produces are a hybrid of photographic long exposures and the further manipulation of them with digital or algorithm based technologies. Starting with photons frozen in time, David feels light is an inspiring medium to make art with.

With long exposures the results are often random or aleatoric, and a fun physical side to the art process for him is the capturing of bright colors, abstract shapes, and strange patterns with movements of the camera or 'lightpainting' with illuminated objects. The more creative/intuitive part is the attempt to turn those light captures into something unique that evokes a feeling of joy, curiosity, or something that simply makes your eyes smile. Inspiration and ideas for themes have always come from seeing live music, science, spirituality, philosophy, nature, and the supernatural. His goal? Simple smiles with shapes and color in an ever greying world.