Teens arrested for fentanyl stash at school worth more than $30 million

Teens arrested for fentanyl stash at school worth more than $30 million

June 07, 2019

Police in San Luis, Arizona arrested three students Wednesday at summer school for allegedly having more than 3,000 potentially deadly pills. 

"Even half a pill can kill someone," said Lieutenant Marco Santana with the San Luis police. "It's happened before. We've had about 19 overdoses just this year alone. We've had about 16 in 2018 it's obviously a very dangerous drug and there's no control."

Authorities identified Noemi Hernandez Madrigal and Alexandra Hernandez as the two female students involved. They will be tried as adults. The third student, not being identified because he will be tried a minor.

Santana said each pill costs $15 on the black market so the school bust is worth more than $30 million on the street.

"You're looking at about 3200 plus m30 pills that were in her possession," Santana said.

One concerned parent who didn't want his name on air says he's frustrated with the district for not notifying them of the incident. He said this news doesn't shock him at all.

"You always hear that there are drugs in the schools and there's not much attention going on right now from the district."

He said schools should implement checks-ups at school before another life pays the price.

"There needs to be more secure with the kids to monitor them because recently there was a kid with a firearm and I feel like the district doesn't want to notify us so they won't look bad."

The three teens now facing potentially severe consequences.

"Relating to possession of narcotic drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia as well as having an illegal drug in drug-free school zone," Santana said.

Santana said it will take more than just law enforcement agencies to combat this opioid crisis.

The district has not commented on the major bust.

The two teen girls will be in court Thursday.


Brad Chatellier

Brad Chatellier said:

Check your math. It’s just clickbait bullshit at the moment.

trey anastasio

trey anastasio said:

3000 pills …. $15 a pop…. 30 million….

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